Craft Beer, Rebranded and its companion workbook are a step-by-step guide to help you map out a successful strategy for rebranding your brewery. Based on CODO Design’s decade of brewery branding experience, this book will help you weigh your brand equity, develop your brand strategy and breathe new life into your brand.

You can read it here for free, or, if you’d like to own a beautiful printed copy that your team can pass around and dig into, we’ve got those available for purchase as well.

Print out the workbook to follow along; we’ve designed it to help you collect your thoughts, goals and research. Now, pour yourself a beer and roll up those sleeves. We’ve got work to do.

State of the Industry


Section 1

The Meaning & Value of Rebranding


In section 1, you will focus on identifying why you’re rebranding. What are your pain points, and how can we determine what issues need to be resolved through this process? Will you be rebranding or refreshing, and what’s on your wish list?

Section 2

Start By Setting the Right Goals


In section 2, you’ll focus on the different types of project goals you may have, how to prioritize amongst them and visualizing the perfect project. We will determine what you want to accomplish now so we can measure your rebrand’s ROI down the line. 

Section 3

Who to Involve in the Rebranding Process


In section 3, you’ll organize your internal team and set a project budget. Then, you’ll determine what type of design partner best suits you, and begin the vetting process to find the perfect fit. 

Section 4

Weighing Your Brand Equity


In section 4, you’ll conduct a brand audit, weigh your equity and consider the legal and intellectual property ramifications of this process. You will determine whether brand evolution or revolution is needed to achieve your goals. 

Section 5

Building Your Brand Strategy


In section 5, you’ll be diving into the meat of the brand strategy process. You’ll define your brewery’s positioning, mission, vision and core values, brand architecture and essence.

Section 6

The Design Phase (*Miracle Happens*)


In section 6, you’re going to sit back and let your design firm work their magic.

Section 7

Rolling out Your Rebrand


In section 7, you’ll figure out when you’ll be able to announce your brewery’s rebrand and how you want to tell the world. You will create a master timeline, watch out for roadblocks and plan a party. 


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