You’ve Worked Through Your Brand Strategy. Now What?
You’ve Worked Through Your Brand Strategy. Now What?


You’ve Worked Through Your Brand Strategy. Now What?

All of the work you’ve completed in this section will be combined to develop a creative brief. This is a document that your design firm will develop to capture all of your brand strategy and messaging and guide them through their creative work. You don’t have to develop your own creative brief (leave that to the professionals). But if you can hand them your completed workbook, you’ll give them a great head start on the process.

Hopefully, you’ve already identified (and hired) the design firm you want to work with through this process. If not, revisit Section 3 and take care of that.

We keep stressing this because your brand strategy is every bit as important as your brand identity and packaging and vice versa. Even the most sound brand strategy and messaging ever developed won’t help you sell more beer if your branding and packaging look terrible. And if you have beautiful branding but no deeper messaging or story to back it up, people won’t connect with you as profoundly as they otherwise could.

Please, work with the professionals on this.

Section 5


The exercises in Section 5 of the workbook will have you diving into the meat of the brand strategy process. You’ll define your positioning, values, brand architecture and essence.

Overall, you will:

  • Define your positioning
  • Write your positioning statement
  • Identify your competitive set
  • Define your mission, vision and brand values
  • Create customer personas
  • Define your brand architecture
  • Define your brand essence
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