Common Goals for Rebranding
Common Goals for Rebranding


Common Goals for Rebranding

Project goals and metrics are different with every project because the local context is always different. Reviving a legacy brewery brand requires different goals than revamping the branding and packaging of an eight-year-old brewery looking to triple its production in the next three years.

Here are some examples of common goals that we hear from breweries around the world to get you started.

  • Sell. More. Beer.
  • Increase brewing production by XX percent
  • Win XX new draft accounts by the end of the year
  • Launch into XX new markets
  • Increase follower count on Instagram by XX
  • Increase our mailing list subscriber count by XX
  • Create XX new community partnerships
  • Donate XX percent of profits to the following charities…
  • Increase merch sales through our website and tasting room
  • Book more private event space rentals
  • Sell XX more brewery tours per month

Other, more qualitative goals that we regularly see include wanting to be better recognized in your community, wanting to gain a better understanding of your story and how to tell it more effectively, and helping your entire team understand what you stand for.

Brewery rebranding project goals from four breweries

Atlanta Brewing Co.

Project Goals:

  • We want to reach 10,000 total followers on Instagram.
  • We would like to increase engagement across our social media channels
    (“I want people to post pictures of our cans on Instagram!”).
  • We need to reestablish who we are and what we mean to Atlanta.
  • We want to re-energize our packaging to leap off shelves.
  • We want to sell more merch through the website.

KettleHouse Brewing

Project Goals:

  • We want to unite all of our beers under one common look and feel that takes advantage of our nearly 25-year history.
  • We want to drive home the link between KettleHouse and the majesty and grandeur of Montana.
  • We want to position KettleHouse as Montana’s beer.

Southern Brewing Co.

Project Goals:

  • We want to unite all of Southern Brewing’s packaging under a clear brand story.
  • We want to further connect Southern Brewing with the Athens community.
  • We want to develop a great looking identity that hangs together through
    on- and off-premise accounts.

Left Field Brewery

Project Goals:

  • We want to move away from the default typography on our current logo to something custom that we can own outright (and trademark).
  • We want to build out a robust set of secondary icons so we can develop an exciting merch program.
  • Design our packaging so that we can quickly release new beers throughout the year without a lengthy design process each time.