The Link Between Branding and Sales
The Link Between Branding and Sales


The Link Between Branding and Sales

While it’s important to have SMART goals, most of the goals we describe in this section are qualitative and related more to storytelling than specific numbers. They are nonetheless important. The link between your brand and the beer you brew is real. And while this link can be hard to quantify, it’s important to have both types of goals because ultimately, achieving the “fuzzier” goals we describe here will help you achieve your more concrete metrics as well.

Most importantly though, any move to refresh or rebrand your brewery must result in an increase in sales—and not just the euphoric short-term burst that tends to follow a new brand launch (because you’re new and shiny!) but a sustained upward trend in overall velocity. All of your goals should work towards this overarching end state.

Deepen the relationship with your current audience while reaching out to new folks

A rebrand can clarify and strengthen your relationship with long-term customers while also attracting new ones. People who have been fans since the beginning will cheer your progress. And in doing so, they’ll make enough racket to bring new fans into the fold and increase your brand awareness across the board.

Bring clarity and consistency to your marketing

With your newly-refined brand voice and positioning, you’ll be better equipped to tell
your story through social media, content marketing and other promotional efforts. Whether through writing, imagery or video, a rebranding process should shine through
in all these channels.

Strengthen and clarify your brewery’s culture

We’ve found that getting the entire brewery team engaged during the rebrand can be an incredible tool for building internal culture and camaraderie. It’s not uncommon for brewery teams to be siloed—the brew staff is toiling away in the back while the marketing team is up front in the office. The sales team is logging windshield time while the CEO is out shaking hands and kissing babies (or speaking at a conference). The rebranding process provides an opportunity to bring everyone together to discuss what they believe makes their brewery so special.

Attract top talent

We’re starting to see this theme come up more often when rebranding nationally-distributed breweries. The market for top tier brewing, marketing and sales talent has become as intensely competitive as the craft beer industry itself. You will have to fight to win the attention of high quality candidates for the new positions you need to fill as you grow. An exciting rebrand not only energizes your current employees but also helps to attract new talent.

Save money in packaging and printing

It’s not uncommon to develop a more cost-effective method of printing and templating your packaging through a rebrand. While this isn’t the sexiest goal, it is one of the most pragmatic things you can accomplish through your rebranding process based on positive impact it can have on your bottom line.

Better billboarding

One of the lowest and sweetest pieces of hanging fruit we find through the package design process is making sure that your packaging will achieve a big billboard on the shelf. Whether you’re fortunate enough to have your beer all stacked in a cooler together, or even if it’s broken apart by style, having packaging that stands together in a coherent way is a must.

Easier to manage identity system

“What logo do we send in to accompany this press release? Do we use this icon or that one for our new t-shirts? If we use that one, we’ll have to pay for another color. Are we allowed to use that font? Wait, what? The glassware printer is asking for a vector file?”

Going through a rebrand will make managing your visual identity much easier because you’ll have both a newly created set of logos and a comprehensive guide to help you know how and when to use each specific mark, color, and typeface.

A more user-friendly website

Websites can become ungainly very quickly if they’re not properly managed. Add a new location, add a few employees with admin rights (or hastily remove them), and it can get hairy fast. A new website can immediately help save time and even make you more money by providing a simple storefront to sell your merch, gift cards and tours, and a contact form that you can send people to for making donation or special event requests. The ROI from rebranding begins to accrue immediately when it includes a new, purpose built responsive website.

Make no little plans for they have no magic to stir men's blood. 

It’s hard to rally your team, let alone your customers, around goals that are too easy to achieve. Your vision shouldn’t be to have a profitable quarter. It should be to completely revolutionize your industry—to not only make the best beer possible, but to make beer that will change the world by creating jobs in your community and new value in the market that’s not currently being offered. You need to solve a problem for people and fill an important role in their daily lives. If framed correctly, your goals should be a little daunting.

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For Section 2 of the workbook, you’ll focus on the different types of project goals you may have, how to prioritize amongst them and visualizing the perfect project.

Overall, you will:

  • Set SMART Goals
  • Identify qualitative goals
  • Determine what ROI makes sense for this endeavor
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