• About The Authors

    Craft Beer, Rebranded was written by Isaac Arthur and Cody Fague of CODO Design.

    Drop us a line anytime: isaac@cododesign.com

  • About CODO

    CODO Design is an Indianapolis, Indiana-based food and beverage branding firm founded in 2009 on the belief that we can create better work by putting collaboration at the center of everything we do.

    We develop strategically-sound branding and packaging that cuts through the noise and drives long term revenue growth.

About the AuthorsCODO Design


About the AuthorsCODO Design


Since branding our first brewery partner in 2010, we’ve traveled all over the country, and increasingly, the world, to bring craft breweries to market through strategically sound branding and positioning, naming, package design, web design and rebranding. This work informed our 2016 book, Craft Beer Branding Guide, a step-by-step guide for branding and positioning your brewery.

Our thoughts on craft beer are regularly featured on leading industry publications, and despite our blue language, we’re invited to speak at beer industry conferences around the world. We’re also proud to serve as branding subject matter experts at the University of Vermont’s “Brewery Marketing & Branding” program where we remotely teach students from around the world about the finer points of brand strategy.

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Working with CODO was an amazing experience. They took the time to research our local market and the company (talking to everyone in the organization) and bring back design that hit on everything we wanted (which seems impossible with so many people and opinions!). They were incredibly responsive and open to feedback and talking through processes. I couldn’t be happier with our decision to use them for our rebrand. 
CAMERON DAVIS | Marketing Director, Atlanta Brewing
We are thrilled with our newly refreshed branding and with our experience working with the entire CODO team. They are true professionals with a holistic and strategic brand mind set. The up-front time spent getting to know us, our brand, our market and our business helped deliver insightful touches in the design and a level of authenticity that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. The CODO team excelled at striking the perfect balance between keeping what was already working well with our brand and maintaining that equity in the brand while evolving the aspects that weren’t working as hard for us and that were holding us back. They helped us unlock some of our brand’s hidden potential through clean, simple design married with illustrations that tell the deeper stories which have inspired many of our 
beer names. 
MANDIE MURPHY | Co-Founder, Left Field Brewery
It was important to us to maintain the elements of our look that have stood the test of time through the rebrand. We wanted our customers to be able to scan the beer aisle and still be able to pick out our brand. CODO helped us do just that. They have a creative and efficient process and they made what felt like a monumental project less of a burden than we thought it would be. 
SUZY RIZZA | Co-Founder, KettleHouse Brewing
We didn’t really know what we wanted, but we knew what we didn’t want. In the end, our branding made us a little excited and giddy because it was what we both had in mind but couldn’t express. We highly recommend CODO, but mostly because they’re handsome. 
EDDIE SAHM | Co-Founder, Big Lug Canteen, Liter House, Half Liter